7th Grade Rabbinics

Morah Farin

Good afternoon!

I hope you had a great Shabbat. I really appreciate your input in helping her to succeed in class. I've noticed that she has been having some trouble. I'm attaching to this email the correct assignment that she needs to turn in. She is a wonderful girl, always respectful and trying her best. I would love to see her succeed. I'm here for her one-hundred percent. I think it might be helpful if she could sit next to Ms. Mindick during class, but I know she was feeling a little uncomfortable with the idea. If she needs any help working on assignments or understanding material, she can visit me during my office hours and I would be happy to assist. If you have any suggestions as to how she might learn better, I would highly value them.

My office hours are:
Let me know your thoughts.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Mountain View